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Emission Parts and Engine Sensors

Below is some general information about common sensors used for emission and engine control.  The best way to diagnose whether or not a sensor is bad is to check your engine fault codes.

Early Fuel Evaporator is a device found in some internal combustion engines with carburetors. It can sometimes be referred to as an Electronic fuel evaporator. The device on a car, commonly referred to as an EFE heater is located between the throttle body of the carburetor and the intake manifold as a gasket and contains a resistance grid that heats the air/fuel mixture. The purpose of the EFE heater is to aid with vaporization of fuel in cold conditions, as well as to reduce exhaust emissions by running for about two minutes to allow for leaner choke calibrations.

EGR Vacuum Solenoid is meant to initiate the exhaust gas recirculation at approximately 2000 RPM.  If the system is operating below this engine speed it can cause rough idle and or stalling.

EGR Valves exhaust gas recirculation valve.  These control the recirculation of exhaust gases back through the air intake system.

EGR Tubes these are the primary passageway to connect the exhaust manifold to the EGR system.

Oxygen Sensor (o-2 sensor) are inserted into the exhaust system to monitor the oxygen content of the exhaust and supply input back to the ECU.  It is not unusual for vehicles to have multiple O-2 sensors.