Diesel Fuel Injector Driver Modules (IDM) &

Fuel Injector Control Modules (FICM)

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                                     Fuel Injector Control Modules

Ford 6.0L use a fuel injector driver module to control the high amount of current to fire their injectors.  One part number fits 6.0L from 2003 through 2009.  After installing the FICM the trucks flash memory may need to be reprogrammed.  Software can be purchased from AE Diagnostics www.ae-diagnosticsolutions.com

Part # 65-121

Retail $ 892.40     Our Price $ 792.40    Core $150.00  


2003 - 2007 6.0L Power Stroke F250 - F750

2003-2009 6.0L Power Stroke E Series Vans

2003 - 2005 6.0L Power Stroke Excursions


Fuel Injector Driver Modules

Ford 7.3L Power Stroke diesels utilized an Injector Driver Module (IDM) from 1994 1/2 through 2003.  This module worked in conjunction with the engine control module.  The IDMs job is to develop the high-voltage signals that the Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injectors (HEUI) require in order to fire properly. 

 Here at Fuel Parts Warehouse we offer the highest quality remanufactured Injector Driver Modules available.  Each unit has been completely disassembled and every component test for full functionality.  The case on each unit is replaces with a late model case that is designed to prevent water damage, one of the primary causes of IDM failures.  Every unit is 100% tested after final assembly and prior to shipping to assure their performance.

Power Stroke IDM Early                           Power Stroke IDM Late



  $ 255.00

  Early or Late Model





Part #  921-110                                                                                                                                Part #  921-120

1994 1/2 - 1998 7.3L                                                                                                                     1999 - 2003 7.3L

Fits the following OEM Numbers:                                                                                                Fits the following OEM Numbers:
    F5TF-12B599-AA                                                                                                                         2C24-12B599-AA        
    F7TF-12B599-AC                                                                                                                         2C24-12B599-AB
    F5TZ-12B599-AA                                                                                                                         XC3F-12B599-AA
    F7TZ-12B599-AC                                                                                                                         XC3Z-12B599-AA
    F5TF-12B599-AB                                                                                                                         XC3F-12B599-AB 
    F7TF-12B599-AD                                                                                                                         XC3Z-12B599-AB
    F5TZ-12B599-AB                                                                                                                         XC3F-12B599-AC
    F7TZ-12B599-AD                                                                                                                         XC3Z-12B599-AC 
    F6TF-12B599-AA                                                                                                                         XC3F-12B599-AD
    F7TF-12B599-AE                                                                                                                          XC3Z-12B599-AD

We sell all our parts at low wholesale prices.  We’re old school auto parts guys who still believe that our customers are more than a link on a computer screen and that we should assist each one, especially with complex systems and expensive parts.  That’s right low web prices and personal service.  Call us at 877-525-5233 and we’ll assure that you get the right part at the right price.


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