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Diesel Injection Parts

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Diesels continue to be a growth market as vehicle manufactures continue to raise the average fuel economy and as newer green diesel becomes more widely available.  We supply many components for diesels if you don't find the diesel parts your looking for here on our site call us at 877-525-5233 or email us at info@fuelparts.com and we'll help you find the right part for your diesel at the right price.

Remanufactured Diesel Fuel InjectorDiesel Injectors 

Diesels injectors operate at higher pressures than their gasoline cousins.  We offer new and remanufactured  diesel injectors.  All our units have been thoroughly tested to assure they can handle the pressure!




6.2 6.5L GM Diesel Injector Pump

   Diesel Fuel Pumps & Pump Drivers

We offer a full line of diesel injection pumps.  Take a look at our special on an

 updated version for the GM 6.2 / 6.5L.  It has all the latest hardware and software.

We also offer a replacement driver for the 6.5L.  The original units are prone to failure due to heat.


          Ford Injector Driver Module (IDM)         Diesel Injector Driver Modules (IDM) & FICMs

 7.3 Power Stroke diesels with Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injectors use this module in

conjunction with the on board computer to generate the high-voltage signal necessary

to fire the injectors.   6.0L Power Strokes utilize a Fuel Injector Control Module to fire

           their injectors.

Diesel Injector Hose Kit

Diesel Injector Hose Kits

Kits include return hose, clamps, plastic fittings and clamps to do a first class

injector installation.  The return hose and plastic fittings that are prone to breakage

when disturbed during injector installation.  This kit helps insure a professional



Call us at 877-525-5233 or email us at info@fuelparts.com for help in picking the right parts for your vehicle.