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We can supply you with many models of diesel fuel pumps and pump drivers a small sample is shown below. Call us  toll free 877-525-5233 or email us at info@fuelparts.com for more details.

GM 6.5L injection pump

We can now offer a completely updated version of the of the GM 6.5L injection pump for all regular duty 6.5s from 1994 through 2000.  We use the latest GM specifications in our remanufacturing process and this along with utilizing updated Pump Mounted Drivers and Optical Sensors on every one of our units, makes our version ultimate in reliability and performance.  We back this claim by extending a full one year warranty on our pumps.  This is truly a remanufactured pump not one rebuilt using your old parts.


Retail   $ 1,661.65

Our Regular Price $ 999.95  Current Special  $ 899.99

Core Charge $ 50.00

6.5L GM Injector Pump Driver6.5L GM Injector Pump Driver

Part # 904-104

$ 289.99

The most common cause of failure in the OE unit is heat.  Our unit offers the latest in both hardware and software to help eliminate this issue.  Will upgrade existing pumps by providing these latest features.

Call 877-525-5233 or email us at info@fuelparts.com to order or ask questions.  We promise to treat you like a real customer not a link on a computer screen or a number in an order file.