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Electronic Throttle Bodies

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The electronic throttle body eliminates the common throttle cable and replaces it with a completely electronic drive-by-wire system.  It controls the air intake into the engine.  This is accomplished by the engine ECU reading the output of the throttle position sensor to determine the correct position for the throttle plate (butterfly).  It then signals the servo in the electronic throttle body as to its proper position.  All of this takes place in milliseconds via the use of integrated microprocessors. 

Common throttle body problems include worn shafts or bushings in the butterfly assembly, electronic component failure, excessive carbon deposits on the assembly and damage to the return assembly.  All of our units are completely remanufactured.   Each unit is completely dissembled and components are cleaned and inspected.  All problem areas are returned to OE specification.  This allows us to offer a full one year warranty.

We also can supply throttle position sensors.  This is the sensor that supplies the ECU with information about the throttle pedal position.

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