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Remanufactured Fuel DistributorsFuel Distributor

Fuel Distributors are precise metering devices that Bosch used to control their early mechanical fuel injection systems.  Fuel Distributor malfunctions and can cause rough idling/running, stalling and no start condition.

All of our fuel distributors are completely disassembled and cleaned.  Casting / housings are inspected for wear, cracks and warping of all sealing surface.  The diaphragm and all o-rings are replaced.  Internal port valves and spring assemblies are checked against OE specification and any not within tolerance are replaced.  Plungers are reconditioned to OE specs.

We offer both diesel and gasoline distributors for Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Saab, Volkswagen and Volvo.  Every one remanufactured to perform like new. 

 All units are then test to assure the operated to OE specifications.

Call us at  877-525-5233  or email us at info@fuelparts.com and one of our "Old School" parts guys will help get you the right parts and the right price.  We also promise to treat every customer like a real person not a link on a web site.

All units are then test to assure the operated to OE specifications.


Fuel Distributor Individual Components

fuel distributor individual components